Valencia, Dr. Phillips High, Yow Dance collaborate for ‘3 in Motion’

“It’s a buffet of music,” said choreographer Justin Nunez. “There’s something for everyone.”

“3 In Motion,” the collaboration of Valencia Dance Theater and Dr. Phillips High School Dance Magnet, will be performing on Jan. 31 at 8 p.m. in the Black Box Theater located on Valencia East Campus.

This diverse and elegant performance was crafted by a grand team of choreographers, among them Nunez and Eric Yow. Together, they have combined their passion for dance into a true piece of art.

“The dance scene is growing,” said Yow. “It’s becoming a much more bonded community.”

Whether you enjoy ballet, classical, or modern dance, this presentation is sure to give you chills. “There’s a wide variety of dance within this presentation,” said Yow.

Among the dances, you are sure to find yourself submerged in emotion as this presentation takes you from intricate and majestic, to passionate and powerful.

The starting number “Absolution” immediately instills a sense of elegance, with the visually stunning lights and solo entry of stand-in dancer Brittany Orther embracing the stage with swiftness and passion.

“There are more and more participants,” said Yow. “They have so many strengths which help make our presentations diverse.”

 Dancers start as young as high school sophomores, such as Sofia Astudillo and Li A Stivers, whose dedication to dance began far in the past. Like them, the dancers seek a professional future and enjoy exploring the large spectrum of dances.

Valencia embraces dancers of all kinds, and it’s expressed with this presentation. Anyone interested is welcomed by this dedicated community and offers a summer dance program.

“We appeal to everyone,” said Nunez. “We want guests to recognize our diversity.”

The dedication of these choreographers and students is sure to be noticed with every leap and synchronization.

Tickets are $12 general admission; $10 for college students, faculty and seniors; and $6 for children 12 and under. Valencia College students free with ID.

To purchase tickets online, go to