Ralphie May aims to be a better father



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Ralphie May far exceeds the title of being a comedian.

When mentioning May and his personal life, a good father and husband should also be considered.

May overcame his most recent challenge, two years ago when he found out he was diagnosed with Bilateral Double Pneumonia and had Pulmonary embolism.

Throughout all the struggle and pain, May said what motivates him to this day is his wife and kids.

May has been married for nine years and has two kids.

“I have two of the greatest kids in the world,” said May

Because of his career May doesn’t get to see his kids too often and is plagued by this.

“I want to be there all the time,” said May

If he could relive moments in his life, May said he will be there for all the times he wasn’t there.

May has been in the comedy business for 25-years and has had five-albums go platinum. He has worked alongside legendary comedians such as Sam Kinison and Bill Hicks — he has also had dinner with the late-great Richard Pryor.

“I want to make people laugh, the drive overwhelms everything,” said May.

Even with his many years in comedy May still doesn’t feel like he mastered his craft, and feels that he shouldn’t because there is always more stuff to do and more stuff to learn.

May believes its a boring existence if you don’t try to improve since there is always room for improvement.

“Once you stop learning, it’s a time where you start to die,” said May.

In the future he visualizes himself being very happy being a comedian and doing stand up.

“I love what I do, and I do what I love,” said May

Its been a journey filled with many obstacles for May.

Geography being one of the very first — not too many comedians come out of Arkansas and start doing comedy at age 17.

May reference overcoming his many obstacles as a  battle with himself, fighting from within and finding the strength not to give up.

“You have to do so many things to get where you’re suppose to be,” said May.

When its all said and done, May wants to be known to the wide population that he was funny, and to his family he wants to be known as a good husband and a good dad.