‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,’ lovely action, lame plot


Photo credit: Larry Horricks

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is an action film featuring the Jack Ryan character created by Tom Clancy.

“Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit” is a film that oozes with action, however lacks in plot.

Unless the audience has a superb understanding of economics, they will leave the theater wondering exactly what the film is about.

Aside from the confusion with the central idea, the plot is extremely unrealistic.

Events happen quickly with no build up, leaving the viewer questioning what they previously observed.

Ryan, and his physical therapist Cathy demonstrates an attraction towards one another, then approximately a year passes and she is wearing an engagement ring.

At a later time there is a flashback to the proposal, however the way it is portrayed makes the couple seem as if they knew each other, had an attraction than out of thin air they are engaged.

The acting is also disappointing.

When Ryan is accused of cheating he doesn’t get upset. In fact Ryan doesn’t say anything pertaining to the subject.

Towards the end of the movie Cathy is invited to play a role in Ryan’s heroic scheme to save America. Without hesitation Cathy accepts.

In reality being accused of cheating when you are in fact innocent would invoke a series of emotions, none of which causes you to be silent.

Finally, being invited to do a covert operation would not be an invitation that would be easily acceptable considering getting killed would be a great possibility.

The action, however intriguing it was, was not enough to place this film in the “good movie” category.

In my opinion, seeing “Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit” in theaters is a waste of money and time, however another moviegoer did not feel the same way.

“I enjoyed the movie, it was very entertaining,” said Sally Benette after watching the film.