New Lady Gaga song is all about self-acceptance

By Christine Saraceno
[email protected]

Worldwide, Lady Gaga fans have been on edge for months anticipating new music from the pop megastar. On Feb. 11, they got their wish with the release of the song “Born This Way,” which upon hours of its release, broke iTunes’ record for fastest selling single in U.S. history.

Within seconds, the song gives listeners the feeling they are hearing a modern spin on an electro-club anthem of the early 1990s. The persistent pounding bass framing the retro synth-pop create a sound that will render people defenseless against the urge to dance.

But the heart of “Born This Way” is the subject matter. With many reports in recent months of homosexual teen suicides and bullying directed at those perceived to be gay, kids who identify with the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community needed a reassuring voice to let them know that who they are is acceptable. It’s no surprise that Gaga, who is outspoken in her support of equal rights for same sex couples, was the one to lend a helping hand.

She shows people who often feel conflicted that they don’t have to choose between their religious beliefs and their sexual orientation. One of multiple instances where she conveys this is in the spoken word beginning of the song when she says “It doesn’t matter if you love him or capital H-I-M.”

Public opinion of the song has been generally positive, particularly among Valencia students.

Natasha Cordova, a student at Valencia, says, “It had a really nice 80’s-synth and of course I loved the message. Everyone needs that one song and I think that’s it for a lot of people.”

One Valencia student, Parker Crumpler, was not as thrilled about the song, “She was very repetitive,” he said.

Brianna Large, also a student, shared a similar sentiment. “I listened to it for one minute last night and it was bad. I don’t really like Lady Gaga. She sounds too much like Madonna.”

And indeed the Madonna comparisons have been abundant lately. Can’t arguments be made though that everyone sounds like someone else?

With “Born This Way” Lady Gaga shows her mature, culturally conscious side and in doing so has created the new “gay anthem” of the 21st century. But more so than that, the song will gain the appreciation of all her diversity solely because of its universal message of accepting yourself. Whether you’re a die-hard Lady Gaga fan or just need a new feel-good dance track to add to your iPod, “Born This Way” is a must listen.