Workshop teaches computer skills free of charge

By Evelyn Ortega
[email protected]

Adobe Photoshop was the skill ready to be taught to any student who showed up ready to learn last Friday. This particular workshop was held in building 6-118 inside the first floor of the Library, where all of the Tutorial & Training workshops are held.

UCF student and Valencia skillshop instructor, Ruth Joseph explained to the class of about ten students, consisting of one veteran Photoshop user, and many knowing no more than the name of the program, that the skillshop consists of two tutorials, making this skillshop a hands-on course.

The first tutorial was a guided, step-by-step look on how to use each tool to improve a picture of a model by removing blemishes and pimples, and softening the tone and color of skin. The second tutorial was also of a model, however this time students learned how to enhance her makeup, add highlights to her hair, and change her eye color, making her look just like a fashion magazine front cover.

Joseph, having taught a few skillshops already, has chosen ‘Adobe Photoshop’ as her favorite to teach. However, Valencia students seem to have chosen ‘Microsoft Word Documents: Quick, Easy, and Dazzling’ as the most popular, maybe because it is the one program all students are required to use at least once in each course.

“It all depends what program students prefer, each semester is different,” Joseph said.

Still many students have yet to jump on this opportunity to learn a new skill like first time attendee, Daphca Joseph, did that afternoon. When asked what was the one thing she learned in the skillshop she jokingly responded, “I learned what PhotoShop actually is.”

Many of these skillshops are offered multiple times per semester all at different times of the day and at all the campuses in order to be more available to all Valencia students.

“Brochures are given to students in the SSB building in the beginning of each semester with the dates,” Ruth Joseph said.

Besides Word, and PhotoShop, Valencia offers mini-courses on a variety of programs like Microsoft Excel, Google Earth, and Windows Movie Maker. What programs will students show preference to this semester?

“It depends what program fits my schedule,” Daphca Joseph replied.

As for any student willing to learn or practice the computer programs offered, dates and times of skillshops for this semester can be found at

Remember that they are free, range from only an hour to an hour and half, and that, in today’s job market, you can’t really have too many skills.