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Valencia’s got talent

By Maraya Figueroa
[email protected]

With no tryouts or rehearsed show details, eight contestants bravely stepped up for “Talent Tuesday” on Feb. 8 at 1:00 p.m. on the Valencia West campus. There were SGA judges to choose which contestants would pass on to the next round. Fist place wins two hundred dollars, second place wins one hundred, and third place wins fifty.

The first to warm up the stage was the duo “Empty Strings” starring Marc Thadé and Thais Gauchyo. The duo each played guitar and sang.

“I’ve been playing for four or five years, I’m excited but nervous because I’m the first performing. We’ve meet a lot of other musicians, it’s really cool and we want to get noticed by other players,” said Marc.

This talent show is not only about showing off skills or trying to win but also about bringing artistic people together. After each performance contestants were seen congratulating each other and having fun with what they were doing. The atmosphere was friendly and alive which helped draw in a well-numbered crowed.

The most uncommonly seen talent was performed by LC James, who showed his artistic ability through “a form of miming and praise dance with gospel music.”

“It’s a message going out to the youth. You only have one life to live so live it,” LC said.

The audience watched, unsure of what to expect when he came out with mime make up on, but he quickly won the crowd over as many people clapped and cheered.

Shamise Smith said “It’s good to see youth doing things for God.”

Another contestant named Terrence Pitts (Tony Hood), has been rapping for eight years and said “I like the feeling you get when you make a recording and the reaction you get from people’s faces when they hear it. I’ve never performed in front of the school but I was on BET 106 and Park and have performed all around Orlando.”

Perhaps the most random talent was the nunchuck instructional performed by Leonel Restituyo but introduced by Sheng Yi Liu. “Have you ever heard of Bruce Lee?” Sheng said as she stepped on stage. “It was just for fun,” said Leonel after his performance.

Ikechi Dixon or “Yung Voyce” did an acapella performance and said, “I sing hip hop, reggae, soul music. Music that makes you feel good. I’ve been singing my whole life but I’ve been performing since 2007. I’m always nervous but it pushes me to do better.”

Similar but opposing contestants Yves Jean Fils (King Eve) and Fineé Fenide both danced to music. “I dance anytime. Sometimes I dance in the bathroom and at the clubs,” Fineé said.

As the show came to a close the finalists were chosen. Yves, Fineé, and LC were chosen as the finalists for the Tuesday Feb. 22 finale. Following the news of his success Yves said, “I feel very related too, since it’s my second year. I enjoyed doing this. It was wonderful.”

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