Black High Achievers seek new members

By Trey McConnell
Valencia Voice

Clubs provide an opportunity for students to come together and share similar qualities while gaining experience for lifelong goals.

For the Black High Achievers, grilling hot dogs and displaying today’s popular music is a weekly club tradition where they represent this ideal.

“This is the most important time of your life and you need to get involved,” said BHAC Vice President Yolette Waldroup. “If you lay down a foundation, you’ll go to a bigger university and already have the feeling and experience needed to make it down the long run.”

BHAC, founded in the fall of 1989, was established to provide encouragement and opportunities for the development of leadership and service within the African-American student body while continuing to stimulate academic achievement. English professor Paul Licata and faculty member John Stover started the organization on the West Campus in the winter of 1989.

The club held its first induction ceremony on March 10 that same year.

President Janet Bryan and two vice presidents, Kwame Walker and the aforementioned Waldroup direct the club, which consists of 25 members. Since Bryan’s induction in 2006, the club’s foundation has been rerouted to include more than just the African-American community.

“There aren’t all blacks in the club anymore,” said Bryan. “We have inducted Hispanics, Arabs, and Whites. We are no longer a black club. I’ve changed the whole dynamic.”

Every Thursday, club members meet on the Student Services Building patio and grill chicken, hamburgers, and hot dogs while listening to featured tunes.

They also sell snacks, beverages, and even basic school supplies.

Their main goal is to represent who they are to the students and potentially gain new inductees. “Black High Achievers is not about being black, it’s about gaining recognition. We want all students alike to join,” said Waldroup.

Sales from the food and supplies are helping them fund enough money for a club trip to either Tokyo or a joint expedition to London/Paris. They will be holding a car wash to raise money as well. BHAC meets every Monday at 1pm and will be having their next induction Oct. 30 in room 105 of the Health Services Building.