Segal buddies up with Dyer

By Cameron Heaton
Special to Valencia Voice

Bill Segal is the average American husband and father of two. For many, this is what makes him so relate-able. He has lived and worked in District 5 his entire life and cares deeply about the community.

Segal has spent over thirty years running successful businesses and managing multi-million dollar budgets. Customer service is important to him and he plans to bring new beneficial industries to the area. He details a 27 point job plan on his website [], which focuses on helping existing small businesses and recruiting new ones.

One of Segal’s attempts to save homeowners money would be to encourage county employees to go to county-run healthcare clinics. This would save homeowners an estimated $10 million a year. While it’s a small start, he says it’s a step in the right direction.

The Orange County sheriff’s department is facing budget cuts this year and sheriff Jerry Demmings is concerned that they will have to resort to layoffs. The people being cut first will be school resource officers and community policing. Segal, instead, has suggested raising booking fees from $5 to $50 and increasing charges by $1 for all inmates to generate revenue; anything to avoid raising taxes.

Among some of his many accomplishments, Bill negotiated a deal with the Orlando Magic basketball team to build five community centers, some of which are already open and being enjoyed. He was a founding director for the Coalition for the Homeless, has been a member of the board that oversees the county’s foster facility, and designed Orange County’s Water Ordinance which charges people more for water based upon who uses more.

Segal supports the recent lift of the ban on homosexuals adopting children and supports same sex marriage. Two of his top priorities would be to pass a human rights ordinance and extend domestic partner benefits to county employees.

Segal’s possibly largest advantage is his endorsements. Buddy Dyer has publicly endorsed him as well as mayors of Belle Isle, Winter Park, and Eatonville.

A most recent Mason Dixon poll of 400 likely voters showed Teresa Jacobs with a 48% lead and Segal with 31% of the vote, 21% are still undecided. He has improved his vote since the primaries, and with 21% still deciding, this final week before the election will prove to be very important for both candidates.