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College Night at Valencia

By Elisanett Martinez
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The American dream is the treasure that our forefathers were chasing as they sailed to the new world. It soon became the spinal cord of our nation’s being, a vow that prosperity and freedom is assured with great work ethic.

In today’s world a decent living is hard to obtain without a college degree, the high school experience is now a part of our primary education.

Which is why Valencia organizes a college night every year, in order to help current and future college students get a better understanding of what is required for admission to a college of their liking.

As expected, some of the more popular schools with Central Florida students like University of Florida and Florida State University were present October 7, at the West Campus, but a numerous amount of colleges from different states were available for information.

College Night is designed to accumulate as many resources as possible at one location.The event covered many subjects, from transfer admissions and SAT scores to the financial aid and loan process.

Leslie Martinez, a student at Oak Ridge High School, was informed about the event through her Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) teacher.

Martinez narrowed down her search by focusing on “Admissions and requirements, where the colleges are located, as well as the diversity and the activities offered.”

Several students brought their parents to the event for moral support.

Brian Gutierrez and Kattie Gutierrez are siblings who are currently enrolled in the fall semester at Valencia. What makes them different than most students is that their mother, Niurka Gutierrez, is also enrolled at the community college.

Brian and Kattie Gutierrez both have different criterion for colleges but both are looking for an out-of-state college.

Niurka Gutierrez, on the other hand wants her children to focus more on the programs that are offered at the universities and colleges.

“The learning experience will help them with their careers, that’s the main thing,” said Niurka Gutierrez, “to really get prepared.”

Magdalena Contreras, a senior at Oak Ridge High School, felt that college night was extremely useful but had some suggestions for the event.

“It was very beneficial,” said Contreras. “I got to see where each college was located and what they really offered.”

Magdalena Contreras is a student of the AVID program. “I would have loved to see more medical colleges,” said Contreras, who hopes to some day attend Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences.

College Night was just one of the many services Valencia offers to its students and neighbors. If students did not have the opportunity to check out college night they should visit the student services building at any campus. The advising center is a great place to realize the opportunities that lie ahead.

Photo by: Collin Dever

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