Old face, new district

Alan Grayson will be returning to Congress after defeating Republican Todd Long in Orlando’s newest congressional district, District 9 on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Grayson will be going to Congress for the second time, after he was ousted by Republican Dan Webster two years ago, after just one term.

Todd Long was running against Grayson with no support from the Republican Party.

“Let’s be clear, they didn’t give any money,” said Todd Long supporter, Robert Gudino. “I am, as a Republican, saddened by that.”

The District 9 congressional race has been full of attack ads, most of which were Grayson ads attacking Long on his stance on medicare and the retirement age.

“That’s Alan Grayson, he doesn’t ever come up with specific proposals to help anybody,” said Long about the ads. “We run on solutions, so we’ve not been any negative, the only thing I’ve said about him is I’ve reiterated the comments he’s made to people, but I’m not running a negative campaign.”

Grayson beat out Long by 65,312 votes, with Long receiving just over 37 percent of the vote in District 9. The race for Congress was an uphill battle from the start for Todd Long, who raised $140,000 for his campaign, while his opponent Alan Grayson spent $3.5 million.

“When you have three and a half million dollars, and I’ve only got about $140,000,” said Long about the difference in funds, “You just hit the airwaves and scare the seniors. It’s apparent that is has a big effect, I mean that’s why you see money have a big effect in politics.”

After the race had been called by many local news outlets, Long spoke with reporters and stressed that they weren’t done yet.

“I’ve run several times, but we keep getting closer and our message keeps getting stronger,” said Long. When asked if he would be running for Congress again, Long simply said, “absolutely.” The idea to run for Congress again in the future is not something Todd’s father, Bill, necessarily wants.

“We spent $100,000 to put you through law school and we want you to go to Congress now?” said Bill Long, jokingly, when asked about his son running for Congress again.

“I’m glad he did it, he did so many things I would have never thought he would have ever done, but I think he needs to establish himself down here and just become a good lawyer.

Besides being a personal injury lawyer, Todd Long also used to host a radio show for 660 AM WORL in Orlando.