John Tegg denied sheriff position

ORLANDO — John Tegg ran for sheriff for the third consecutive year and lost to Sheriff Demings.

A lawsuit was made against Demings for misreporting burglaries to make it look like the crime rates had reduced. The lawsuit was dropped after Demings submitted all the documents requested.

Demings said it was frivolous and was just a political move by his opponent, Tegg. The Orange County Police Department has been instructed to report all crimes that lack forced entry as something other than burglaries.

“John Tegg would bring moral, would make the sheriff’s office and private security work together to get more eyes on the street. The information transmitted to officers would be real and up to date and he would bring back more youth programs,” said Keith Hubbard.

Tegg says he probably won’t run again. “It’s hard on the family,” he said. The four law enforcement organizations that represent the vast majority of Orange County police officers endorsing Tegg instead of Demings suggest that he’s going to have to work on rebuilding those relationships.

Incumbent David Simmons won his campaign for state senator in District 10 for his second term against Leo Cruz and James Patrick Adamczyk.

“Education is the forefront and the number one issue,” said Simmons.