Magic media day focuses on Jacque Vaughn

Jacque Vaughn was the center of attention during today’s Orlando Magic media day, at the practice courts in the Amway Center.

With much speculation regarding the teams’ new look, Magic head coach Jacque Vaughn feels no pressure when he starts his job as head coach tomorrow during the teams first practice.

“I feel great, I am not nervous at all. I’m prepared for this opportunity, and I’m ready for the challenge,” said Vaughn.

Even after all what happened with the Dwight Howard saga, Vaughn is in no rush to pick team captains, however, is being open minded on who to pick.

“I have not determined captains, I will see as the season goes along who deserves the title,” said Vaughn. “I’m coming in not pre-determined, will I love for it to be a young player? Yes, I wish that’s saying good about a young guy.”

When Vaughn was asked about how the relationships between him and the veteran players were, he said, “Our main focus is continue to improve with our veterans and our new guys.”

With playoff aspirations being a concerned, Vaughn doesn’t think the number of wins will define the season. “I’m not going to put a number on what games signify us, I don’t know how many games it’s going to take to make the playoffs, it’s about getting better.”

J.J. Redick spoke on Jacque’s persona, stating he’s looking forward to playing for Vaughn. “I’m looking forward to playing for a good coach, I don’t care if he’s a former play or not.”

“We have a group of veteran players that have all played on winning teams, we may not have a superstar like Dwight Howard, anymore,” said Redick. “The frustrating thing is there’s five teams that matter in this league, and if you’re in a small market and you don’t matter, that’s frustrating.”

The Orlando Magic begins preseason when they play against the New Orleans Hornets in Mexico City, on Oct. 7.