Bill Clinton makes stop in Orlando

“Paul Ryan: he wants to cut education, cut welfare, and give tax breaks to the rich!”Congresswoman Corrine Brown, who was elected alongside former President Bill Clinton in 1992, spoke out on Paul Ryan’s policies at the Obama for America assemblage last Wednesday.

Christina Ramirez, part-time Latin American humanities teacher at Valencia, said “I am a fiscal, moderate-to-conservative associate liberal so I support Obama 100 percent,” with a grin.

While Ryan may downplay the importance of the role that college students play in the overall progress of the nation, Clinton brought the topic into the foreground of his campaign for Obama.

“More and more professors are conducting research in this area [regarding flight simulators] and every time they make a new discovery, they can license it with one of these companies and when they get paid, that money is put back into the university to educate more students on the subject,” said Clinton.

Hundreds of Democratic voters sat, or stood, in the presence of Chief of Police Val Dennings, Brown and Clinton himself; filling the space to the brim with enthusiastic citizens of the state.

Dennings said, “If you work hard and play by the rules, you can be what you wanna be and do what you want to do.”

The Republican campaign rallies for its side in a way which emphasizes the ideal that the lower-middle class may overcome their misfortune with a touch of hard work and a bit of discipline.

The group of speakers present at the convention in Orlando on Sept. 12 used this as leverage to make their point.

“Under Obama, 967,000 children in families with pre-existing conditions will now be able to receive the coverage they deserve under the new law,” said Clinton.

This applies to those who meet the criteria which assesses the income bracket of said families in order to qualify them for Medicare and Medicaid.

Speaking of the money, healthcare and the deficit overall, Clinton said “I was told, when you’re in a hole, you stop digging.” This statement drew the crowd to rounds of applause that filled the conference room at the Rosen Plaza Hotel.

He is suggesting that problems caused in the past by former presidents will be rectified as a result of Obama’s re-election.

Avid voters were not the only people to attend the meeting.

The attention surrounding the event drew vendors to the scene, who were hastily ushered off the premises by security. Kyle Fludd, of Rocky & Bullwinkle Enterprises, said his crew drove all the way from Charlotte, N.C. to see Clinton and promote his wares.

The Limitless Five, an up-and-coming acapella group from Olympia High School, also showed up, performing intermittently throughout the convention.

“We want to make sure everyone does their part in this year’s election,” said Brown.