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Number of protesters at RNC fail to meet expectations


Officers everywhere you look, barricades, military assault rifles and security points all around fenced in areas, things you would see in a Hollywood war movie or in footage of a military camp in the Middle East, were all present in Tampa, Fla. this past week as a result of the Republican National Convention (RNC).

Expecting the number of protesters at the RNC to surpass 10,000, the city put a security plan in place that included 3,500 officers from over 60 agencies across Florida.

The protesters, however, did not com. At least not 10,000 of them.

The biggest protest at the RNC included only 1,000 protesters representing organizations like Code Pink, a feminist anti-war group that focused on what the they call “the GOP’s war on women.”

Even with the low turnout many protesters managed to make their views heard in a variety of issues, which covered everything from fair wages to same sex marriage to the ever-popular one percent.

In fact, Mitt Romney received more than the title of presidential nominee in Tampa. He was also named “king of the one percent” by protesters.

Apart from those opposing the Republican’s view of certain social issues, Ron Paul supporters also made their presence known by stationing themselves in front of the pedestrian security point.

“My goal is to raise awareness of Ron Paul’s liberty message which is that we do not need the war,” said long-time Ron Paul supporter Susan Wolf from Wichita, Kan. “We don’t need this huge government that is basically taking control and stately eroding our rights as citizens of this country.”

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