Techies love latest lap-top

Apple released the new MacBook Pro on Monday, its main focal point being around making it supremely better for the user, yet more mobile.“We focused on what matters most to notebook users, and we made huge leaps,” said Bob Mansfield, Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering with Apple.

With a Retna display of 2880 x 1800, the screen displays more than 5 million pixels, which is 3 million pixels more than an HDTV would display.

“On a screen this size, pixels just seem to disappear ,” said Mansfield.

This is has not been seen before, especially on one that is only .71 inches thick (25% thinner than the previous generation of MacBook Pro) and weighs 4.46 pounds.

“With the new MacBook Pro, we set out to design something extreme,” said Jony Ive, Senior Vice President of Design with Apple.

This MacBook Pro is 4 times faster and uses only about 10 percent of the space that hard drives on most notebooks use. It also has more ports for loading data and is  able to load data faster than any other MacBook Pro. One of the loading ports, the HDMI port, even offers connectivity to HDTVs.

“Every part of enclosure is specifically designed to benefit the user,” said Ive.

Within the notebook, the  fans’ blades are designed asymmetrically rather than the usual symmetrically so that the frequency is wider and the fan is quieter.

The software with this MacBook Pro generation has also greatly progressed a lot more than with the last.

“We’ve been able to design the new software to take full advantage of the retna display, and the results are amazing,” said Craig Federighi, Vice President of OS X Software with Apple.

Both photographers and video editors will get a lot more out of the new software available to them through this notebook. Aperture, the photography software allows photographers to zoom and edit their photos at pixel by pixel accuracy. Final Cut Pro 10 allows the user to look at up to nine camera views simultaneously.

“I just appreciate all of the work that goes into making apple products. They’re always, to me, better made,” said Professor Lisa Macon, the program chair for information and technology with the Computer Program department on Valencia West Campus. “The software is also just to easy to use.”

Macon, who is a big Apple fan and an avid user in her work and everyday life, is excited about the new MacBook Pro.

“Apple doesn’t really have anything baseline,” said Macon. “Their baseline product is the elite in anything else.”

Surely the new MacBook will be the topic of a lot of discussion at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference, which is taking place in San Francisco this week. The conference is an event that anybody involved in Apple or technology development wants to be at. About 5 years ago, it wasn’t difficult to get a ticket to the convention, but now it’s nearly impossible.