What’s love got to do with it?


By Roxy Smith

[email protected]

February is the month when love is in the air, flowers are blooming, butterflies are flapping their wings for the first time and the birds are singing. Cupid is sitting on a cloud with a dirty diaper and canister full of love arrows.

These arrows can be considered as poison for the people living the single life. February is nothing but a month of dread for the lonely and depressed. February is the shortest month, but for the lonely it can feel like the longest.

Valentine’s Day rears its ugly head into every department, convenience, quick stop, gas station and school way before the month of February even begins. Stores stock their shelves and prepare for the madness as boyfriends and husbands everywhere search for the perfect gifts.

Some may think that this made up holiday was just another creation from the candy company, like Halloween or just another way for stores to get rich off of our mindless spending habits.

Valentine’s Day wasn’t invented by the candy company; it was invented by a group of bitter old hags whose husbands left them long ago. It was invented to remind the relationship challenged that they are single.

In high school this so called holiday was the absolute worst if you didn’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Every class and every hallway was filled with kids walking with balloons in one hand and flowers in the other.

If walking through the tiny narrow hallways wasn’t already bad enough trying walking down the hallway on Valentine’s Day.

Roaming the halls definitely wasn’t the place to be for the claustrophobic or the easily annoyed.

Forget about learning anything because there were always too many interruptions during class. In every class the door would open at least five times and all the girls would be showered with gifts from secret admirers, friends and lovers.

Valentine’s Day wasn’t invented for guys; it was invented for girls to show each other up. It is when you get to brag about your boyfriend and all the great things he did for you without looking like an obsessed crazy person.

If a girl says she doesn’t want anything for Valentine’s Day, she is a liar. Girls always want things from their significant others. It doesn’t have to be expensive and no one said you even had to spend any money, in this case a simple hand-made card will do.

I for one love Valentine’s Day because it’s an extra birthday or anniversary in the year. It’s just another excuse to celebrate your love for one another  and receive gifts. It is an excuse to eat cake and chocolates without feeling guilty for doing so.

Photo By Collin Dever, Valencia Voice