University votes to raise tuition

The Board of Trustees for the University of Central Florida voted today to raise tuition by 15 percent. The increase will go into effect for the upcoming fall term.

The move is part of an attempt to close a $50 million gap left by a reduction in state funding. Increased tuition will cover $20 million of the deficit, and prevents the university from cutting programs and increasing class sizes, according to school officials.

Undergraduate courses at UCF will now cost about $148 per credit hour, which will cost students an extra $230.88 for a typical 12 credit-hour semester.

Valencia College announced days ago that it would freeze tuition at the current rate of $99.06 per credit hour for the 2012-2013 academic year.

The increased cost will have a big impact on Valencia students who hope to continue their education at UCF.

“It’s definitely going to add more stress to my life,” said Kimberly Chung, a biomedical science major who plans to attend UCF in the fall. “I’m not getting any financial aid. I can work harder but that only does so much.”

“I get financial aid, so I guess it doesn’t impact me as much,” said Darian Smalley, a computer science major. “But if they cut that, I won’t be able to go to school. There’s no way. I can’t feasibly afford it on $10 an hour.”

Pedro Alicea, an engineering major, said the increase doesn’t affect his future plans, but it will impact the way he lives.

“I still have to do it regardless,” he said of his plans to obtain his Bachelor’s degree at UCF. “It’s just going to take more money out of my pocket.”