Rice – UCF game 3 preview:

Game two seemed to start with a lot of promise for the UCF Knights, although the promise fell short quickly into the game. Once UCF tied the game in the bottom of the fourth, Rice took the lead from there, ending the game with the final score of 9-2.

“I think we did a lot of things right, we struck out a lot,” Rice head coach Wayne Graham said. “It was one of those games where we did enough to win the game.”

Rice and UCF will wrap of their series with the rubber match scheduled for 1 p.m. Winner of Saturday’s game not only wins the regular season championship, but will earn the number one seed in the C-USA tournament next week.

According to UCF head coach, Terry Rooney, the Knights’ biggest problem Friday night was giving up free bases. Lead by Ben Lively’s six walks, UCF pitchers walked a combined 15 Rice batters in both games played Yesterday.

“With the rain delay, we didn’t want to hold on and we wanted to expand,” Rooney said. “Unfortunately we didn’t expand, but we did hold on and I think they did a great job.”

Graham believes that good pitching tomorrow will win the game against UCF, and has decided for tomorrow’s game, John Simms will be the starting pitcher. While Rooney has yet to decide who will take the mound.

“Tomorrow, I’m not sure who will be throwing but I can tell you this,” Rooney said. “I will start tomorrow the person I feel like is going to throw the most strikes.”