Riviera Beach Man’s Fashion Gets Him Arrested


By Olivia Pullinger
Valencia Voice

It turns out that there is such a thing as the fashion police. A 29 year old man was nabbed by Riviera Beach Police for a real-life fashion crime last Wednesday.

Two officers were investigating a reported drug dealer when they spotted Kenneth Smith standing next to the suspect’s vehicle.

According to the officers, Smith’s shorts “were so low it exposed his blue and white boxer shorts approximately two inches below his waist.”

Smith is currently facing a fine for up to $150 for “exposing undergarments,” and if he commits this offense again he could be faced with up to 30 days in jail.

Residents of Riviera Beach voted the law in earlier this year, and there have been at least 4 arrests on this charge. “How can you stop somebody for following a fashion? I don’t think we should get punished for the way we dress,” said 18 year old Morrius Bleau, one of the violators. “I feel this is just another way to harass black men. It’s just an easier way for police to have probable cause to mess with somebody.”

In such a forwardly progressing age as today it’s hard to believe that we could be punished for something as trivial as our choice of wardrobe, but it appears that now, with fashion police cracking down on “indecent exposure,” we must think twice about what we wear when we leave our homes.