Heroes host scavenger hunt

In an attempt to spread the word about their organization and help new Valencia students find their way around the West Campus, HEROES, a Valencia sponsored club, conducted their second annual scavenger hunt on April 10. Students there had to figure out eight puzzles at eight different locations throughout the campus.

“The focus of this is to assist newcomers on getting to know the many different sites on campus,” said Paola Burgos, HEROES secretary.

Many new students don’t know where Valencia’s Security room is, or that the company providing food for the cafeteria is called Cabin Creek. Therefore, HEROES came up with the idea to not only introduce new students to these places, but also provide students who have been here for years with a fun, themed scavenger hunt.

Students who participated were divided into seven groups of two pairs. They had to rush to all eight locations around the college and solve critical thinking puzzles about lesser known sites, which proved challenging for those who had no idea how to navigate the campus.

All students were given prizes, even if they came in last. The first group to find all of the locations and solve the puzzles first chose their prizes first. The prizes ranged from basketballs to game boards to MP3 players and more.

Leonido Santiago, another HEROES member, said, “Not only were they great gifts, we had lots of snacks and beverages for them after they finished the hunt.” The snacks ranged from cupcakes, chips and cookies to cakes and other confections.

The event was considered a success, and HEROES found a fresh way to assist fellow students in finding out what the West Campus at Valencia College really has to offer them.