Orlando benefits from NBA

The NBA All-Star game in Orlando this year is the first in 20 years, and with it local retailers
will feel a large benefit economically.

A popular consumer location is preparing for the All-Star week by changing its scene. The Florida Mall has grand plans on creating an atmosphere for many hot spots in its retail industry.

Many stores have directed their attention to bringing in products that people will buy that are related to the NBA, like jerseys, player branded shoes, hats, and more.

“The mall is projecting to make about 30 percent more than what it did last year in the month of February,” said Florida Mall spokesman Terrance Blackmon. “We have estimated we should be making a $170,000 gain.”

Some stores have completely transformed their image and made themselves blend in with the scene. One store changed everything to make itself a Michael Jordan branded store, selling every product within the Michael Jordan brand.

They would also have Dwyane Wade appear to represent his brand, and stay at the location for a limited time for fans to meet him.

Other brands like Nike and Adidas have plans to bring in extra inventory in order to set up extra locations around the mall in order to maximize profit.

Adidas will set up booths in certain areas inside the mall that will have every NBA team jersey, and headline their trademark shoes with All-Star players Dwight Howard and Derrick Rose.

Both players will be there to represent Adidas and the shoes they made through the brand, as well as to sign autographs and take pictures with fans.

“I’m totally excited to see the All-Star events flourish around Orlando and especially the mall, because it creates a good atmosphere for all the basketball junkies and the kids who look up to their favorite players,” said Jamal Carter, a consistent Nike buyer.

Nike is planning on creating their own festivities at the major footwear stores to have their athletes advertise their shoes also. The corporation is planning to bring in two 18-wheelers and make them into a basketball court.

Aside from the basketball courts, they will also have shoes that will be available in limited release for the sneaker fanatic fans.

With All-Star fever coming to the Florida Mall, merchants and local fans alike will benefit from the expansion of NBA merchandise.