By Jessica Frelow
[email protected]

Stay informed with Valencia Alert! Valencia Alert is a free emergency messaging system used to notify students when there is an incident. Receiving these notices can assist in keeping students and faculty safe while on campus or keep one from accessing the campus.

“They should notify people in as many ways as possible,” said Bill Bobaggins, “A serious event requires you to alert as many people as possible.”

Alerts are sent out when any campus at Valencia is being evacuated, closed due to weather, or any other crisis that involves safety. Some students feel that the alerts were really helpful in getting the word out to students about any type of eminent dangers at Valencia. Kristin Hanson was one of several who thought the Valencia alert was a good idea to promote campus safety.

“I love the idea,” said Hanson, “I don’t watch the news very often so anything would help.”

Upon registration to the system, students can receive alerts via email, cell phone, pager, smartphone or PDA. Real-time updates are provided along with instructions and contact information when needed. With hurricane season approaching and the increasing rate of police activity around campus, it’s critical for every one that uses the Valencia campus to stay safe and advised. Though the alerts are a good start to promote campus safety and help students stay informed, Katie Walker thinks that Valencia shouldn’t stop there.

“They should make a Twitter alert system,” she said, “That would be really effective because Twitter sends out mobile alerts.”

Students are encouraged to sign up at or through their Atlas account. Utilize all that Valencia has to offer and stay connected to the activities on campus.