Juveniles arrested for ‘acid bomb’ incidents on West

Six male juveniles ages ranging from nine to 16 have been arrested and charged with felonies for possessing explosives and throwing projectiles in connection with the so-called “acid bomb” scare on Valencia College’s west campus.

The explosive devices were apparently “Drano bombs,” which are a combination of drain cleaner and aluminum foil mixed together inside of a soda bottle. The chemical reaction causes a small explosion and a loud noise.

The explosions caused $300 worth of damage.

“I was there with them. They were setting off bombs,” said 13-year-old Nicholas Malave, the only arrested juvenile whose name has been released. “We were just trying to have fun. We didn’t mean no harm to anyone.”

All of the males arrested live within walking distance of the Valencia College west campus. A report released on Thursday said, three were found with the help of a resident at a nearby apartment complex who thought that one of the explosives had been thrown at her door.
“Someone could have gotten hurt from this,” said Sgt. Vince Ogburn, an Orlando Police Department spokesman. “Luckily no one did.”

Security guards found the explosives in parking lots and on walkways three times over the past few weeks at the college campus. No one was hurt.