Orlando Magic continues to lead the Southeastern division

ORLANDO, Fla. – Arriving back home after winning four straight games on the road, the Orlando Magic came away with a 96-89 win, despite trailing behind the Charlotte Bobcats for the first half.Due to the lack of downtime between games this season because of the lockout, many teams are playing three to four games straight without a day off. This had an effect on the way Orlando started the game Tuesday night.“For us to be a great team, we have to be an elite defensive team, and were not there yet,” said J.J.
Redick on the Magic allowing 50 points to the Bobcats at halftime. “A lack of practice time I think has been tough, and a lot of our game day preparation has been back to backs.”

Dealing with consecutive games, Orlando has had to come up with unconventional ways in order to compete throughout the game. Other than lack of defense, early foul trouble has been an issue.

Dwight Howard had two early fouls that had him sitting out the majority of the first quarter and only scored two points. Unable to assist his team during the first quarter, Howard came back in the second with 12 points and committed no fouls.

“Just have to stay aggressive, there is going to be nights where I get into early foul trouble, but I still have to lead my team, and keep playing basketball,” said Howard, who had 25 points and 17 rebounds to lead the Magic.

“You don’t always win games in the first quarter, your going to have bad stretches and bad quarters but you gotta keep playing through it,” Howard said.

Despite allowing 18 turnovers, the Magic found ways to contribute offensively and hold down  Bobcats enough to eventually take the lead.

Glen Davis and Von Wafer lead the bench scoring with a combined total of 19 points and certainly gave their team momentum as they grabbed the lead they never gave back with 11:06 to play in the fourth quarter.

“Von brings great energy to the team, and he’s a great scorer. He’s a guy that can be a real lifter off the bench, and has done a lot of great things with this team and he’s worked his butt off,” said forward Ryan Anderson who added 13 points, but struggled with his three-pointers as he made two of nine.

Charlotte went into the half with a 50-47 advantage after seven lead changes and being tied eight times. They were in control, though, by out-rebounding Orlando 22-20, shot four of eight from behind the arc, and shot a perfect eight for eight from the line.

The Bobcats had the Magic where they wanted them, as Gerald Henderson led the Bobcats’ scoring with 14 first half points, but both teams shot 48 percent from the field at the half. Henderson would then go to finish with 22 points as he received much of the scoring help from his two guards Kemba Walker, and D.J. Augustin that had 14 and 13 points.

The runs would eventually collapse as the Magic’s defense dominated the fourth quarter, sending Charlotte to a two game losing skid.

The Magic captured their tenth win of the season, and continue to lead their division.

They face the San Antonio Spurs Wednesday night, and then match up against the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday as they are looking forward to the tough schedule.

“Were playing some great basketball right now,” said Howard. “We just gotta keep it up.”