Airborne goes toxic at Beacham

When you go on a hurricane simulator you get this feeling as the wind hits you like the air all of the sudden took on a solid physical form and its trying to go through every cell in your body. Although that may sound painful, its not; in fact its provably one of the coolest feelings, like somehow the wind is inside you.
That is the feeling you get when you hear The Airborne Toxic Event live, where music becomes more than just sound waves; it becomes corporeal.
Named after a section of Don DeLillo’s National Book Award-winning book “White Noise,” the indie rock California band includes Mikel Jollett on vocals, guitar, and keyboard, Steven Chen on guitar and keyboard, Noah Harmon on electric bass, upright bass, and backing vocals, Daren Taylor on drums, and Anna Bulbrook on viola, keyboard, tambourine, and backing vocals.
Known for their ability to blend orchestral arrangements with rock, it is the members’ multiple abilities that kept the show going as you watched them change instruments and places on the stage with seamless transitions.
Opening with “All at Once” from their latest album of that same name, the band also included fan favorites like “Sometime Around Midnight” and “Wishing Well” from their first album, self-tittled “The Airborne Toxic Event.”
The band performed 16 tracks, including both encores.
Finishing their last tour date with The Drowning Men and Mona at the Beacham in Orlando, the band went all out to make the show worth remembering, from walking off stage and into the crowd multiple times to shaking beer at the crowd and opening bands in honor of a job well done.
Mona joined the tour promoting their self tittled album which came out on May 16 in the UK and will be released in the US on Feb. 21, 2012.
Concert-openers The Drowning Men joined The Airborne Toxic Event after being on tour for the majority of the year.