Students demand answers from Dean

SGA hosted a Student and Dean Discussion to share their concerns and issues directly to the dean himself, Tyrone Johnson, on West Campus Wednesday Nov. 30.
Tutoring was a recurring issue for some students because of the lack of tutors and the types of tutors, ranging from higher level math to chemistry and science.
There are professors to teach the students, but the only tutors for the subjects are professors. Appointments are nearly impossible because of a professors cluttered schedule, let alone walk-ins. Johnson explained that there was a recruiting process to be done in order to get more higher tutors for math or different subject tutors.
Another question was about outsiders being hired as tutors. Unfortunately, those who are not a part of the system cannot be hired due to questionable backgrounds, meaning they cannot hire someone that they don’t know about.
Professors were also a main issue in the discussion. Students complained about contacting professors and how it was more of a game of cat and mouse, explaining how hard it was to reach them or get a reply. If a professor responded, the message was often irrelevant or late.
Financial aid lines and wait times are a concern since so many people need financial aid, but aren’t getting the money in time, leaving students to miss their classes. The problem cannot be helped, since staff is working at capacity and they’re so many people registering for financial aid.
An idea for a daycare for students was also brought up. Johnson explained that Valencia College doesn’t teach daycare. Also the price of daycare outweighs the benefits to the school
A sidewalk entrance for Kirkman Road for pedestrians and bikers was mentioned, allowing a safer entrance. “We’ll look into it,” Johnson said.
The library hours have been extended by two hours for finals, something students had been requesting. The new hours will be made official on Monday. This gives late-night students a chance to get extra time if needed.