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A Mode of Their Own: Which Class Format Do Students Prefer?

Valencia Students Discuss Online or Face-To-Face
Radiography student Josephine Epifanio works on an assignment in Bldg 8 on Valencia College’s East Campus.  (Shana Gothing)


Valencia College has multiple options for classes from face-to-face, mixed-mode, and online courses. Students all have different preferences for these class modes.

According to Valencia College, approximately 70,906 students are attending the college.

Radiography student Josephine Epifanio says, “My favorite way to go is face-to-face, but that’s mostly because I am a very in-person, kinda visual-esque, learner.” Epifanio has had to take an online course because the class location was at a different campus. Epifanio explains, “There will be a class you need to take, and there are no in-person classes at the campus where most of your classes are.” Epifanio adds, “I did not have the gas to go between the two every day.” 

Student Luciana Suarez, English Literature, also prefers to take face-to-face courses. Suarez says, “Honestly, I can’t really concentrate when I go on online classes.”

What Suarez does like about online classes is that she can go at her own pace, but for communication, Suarez says, “ In face-to-face … I like asking questions to the teachers in-person, because online maybe I’ll just Google it.” 

Keeley Osborne, is in her last semester at Valencia College, prefers online classes. Osbourne says, “As someone with anxiety … it’s definitely a lot harder to get up for your in-person classes, especially if you’re not feeling totally confident about yourself.” 

However, according to Osbourne, some courses should be taken in-person such as a language class. “Sometimes, I have to record myself speaking in Spanish. I simply only know how to read in Spanish; I don’t even know how to talk in Spanish because I can’t hear the pronunciations,” Osborne summarizes. “The flaws for online schooling especially for something like that; when you have to hear it, to understand it.” 


International students are required to take a certain amount of face-to-face or mixed-mode courses to maintain their status. According to Valencia College, international students need to be full-time students. The minimum nine credits must be completed on campus, whether it be face-to-face or mixed-mode.

Valencia College International Recruitment Specialist Haruka Morris, says, “We recently had to close the Bachelor of Applied Science in Computing Technology and Software Development.” According to Morris, a lot of international students could not take this program because the courses provided were mostly online. While those who had previously enrolled for the degree “could finish the degree… We don’t accept new students for that program,” Morris says. 


Carol Traynor, Senior Director of Public Relations at Valencia College, provided the number of students attending each mode this spring semester. The headcount of students taking only face-to-face classes is 8,644, online being 22,126, and those who are taking both face-to-face and online is 13,821.

Which mode do you prefer? Leave a comment.

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Shana Gothing
Shana Gothing, Reporter
Shana Gothing is a second-year Valencia College student studying for her Associate's in Arts degree. She is interested in Humanities and Art Studies. In her free time, she enjoys listening to any type of music, reading, and writing.

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