Express Train To Math Depot an Option For Students

Nathalie Bermudez, Reporter

Math Depot tutor Natalie Donis helping students with their struggling subjects. (Nathalie Bermudez)

A quick stop at the Valencia College Osceola Campus Math Depot helps students with their math struggles.

Student entering the Math Depot to receive help must check in with the front desk. (Nathalie Bermudez)

Qualified tutors are always available to help student with homework, study guides, and exercises. Tutors at the Math Depot receive students struggling in many different subjects. When talking to different tutors at the depot there are two certain subjects for which students need the most help.

Stephanie Fink, a tutor at the Valencia College Osceola Campus Math Depot says, “Well, I get the most amount of students from Physics and College Algebra.”

Students that visit the math depot usually leave more secure in the subject from which they came to get help. Alondra Figueros, a Valencia student for the past three years was asked about the math classes she takes and the usefulness of the math depot.

“Only one; it’s statistics,” Figueros said. “It’s awesome [the math depot]; it’s very helpful; it makes me feel more empowered to learn, and I don’t feel discouraged.”

Students often leave with more confidence than when they originally entered and speaks volumes about how much the math depot genuinely helps students.

Computer lab inside the math depot where tutors are also available to help (Nathalie Bermudez)

Tutoring is open to all Valencia students whether that’s dual-enrollment, full-time, part-time, online, or in-person. But it can get pretty busy for the tutors. The math depot has several tutors each day so that students can have theirs needs fulfilled.

Osceola Campus math depot tutor, Yvelisse Negron, was asked how many students the depot sees on a daily basis. Negron said, “Three or four [students] on a slow day; on a high day, five.”

The math depot is a place free of judgement and full of encouragement and help from others. Valencia students currently taking a math related class can benefit from visiting the math depot when struggles appear in the class. Whether it’s one class or three classes that a student needs help with, the tutors and fellow students at the math depot are there to help.


Next time you are struggling in your math class, don’t hesitate to visit the Valencia College Math Depot on the Osceola Campus in Building 4, Room 121. They are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. and Fridays from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.