Festival of Trees

The council of 101 has put together the 2011 Festival of Trees for the 25th consecutive year, with over 100 uniquely decorated and themed trees, centerpieces, wreaths, and items for sale that will lift the everyone’s Christmas spirit at home and in the office.
All of the items are donated by artists, small and big companies, and schools from all over Orange County. These items are sold to raise money for the Orlando Museum of Art.
“This is a great way for the museum to raise money, everyone that is working here including the performances are volunteers,” said Ali Feinberg, a community volunteer. “It’s such a good feeling to know that a majority of the community supports the arts, and are willing to help any way they can.”
Santa Clause was able to take time off from working at the factory to visit young ones and take pictures on his sleigh. Christmas carolers did the favor of singing the joy of Christmas into every ones hearts.
They also have competitions on the best decorated tree, big and small. This year the first place winner of the Big Tree competition was ‘Bottle Tree Christmas- A community collaborative’ donated and designed by Dale Wayne, a designer of couture jewelry. Wayne had kids from schools around Orange County to help him create the bottle tree.
“I was immediately caught by the color, and as I got closer, I noticed it was made of recycled bottles,” said Karen Corley, also an artist that uses recycled material. “It’s such a great technique and overall idea to make something jaw dropping, as well as good for the environment.”
The tree was made of recycled plastic bottles that were painted and cut to look like glass,.Wayne was inspired by a tradition in Africa, which consists of hanging colorful bottles that are thought to capture and mesmerize evil spirits.
“The bottle here are opened, representing the tree of life in a paradise,” said Beth Baker, president of Council of 101. “There are no evil spirits and all the spirits are free.”