Scholarships Offer Aid For Valencia Hispanic, Immigrant Students

Oriana Torre, Reporter

Many Hispanic immigrants wishing to pursue a career and further their education often find themselves facing barriers in the scholarship application process. There are multiple requirements for the numerous scholarships out there that prevent immigrants from proceeding – from citizenship to permanent residency status. However, these scholarships and more provide the students facing these trials an opportunity regardless of the obstacles.

Recent Valencia College graduate Karla Luzardo, from Venezuela, transferred to UCF with a scholarship of $39,000. Luzardo does not have citizenship and explained, “For me, it is too hard to find scholarships because there is always a stop”. After learning of the scholarships now available, Luzardo felt comforted to know “there is hope to go to the University”.

Luzardo applied for TheDreamUS Scholarship 2022, which focuses on Hispanic immigrants who are undocumented, DACA, or TPS holders. She explained for others to start preparing by looking for a scholarship that matches their situation, volunteering, doing extracurricular activities, writing an authentic essay, and preparing a resume, considering  each application will take time.

The Scholarships available for students in similar circumstances are: 

Valencia pre-med student Ornella Vintimilla,  from Ecuador, won the Hispanic Heritage Scholarship Fund last semester. “When I arrived here, I applied for scholarships; however, I didn’t win any of them, so I recommend to everyone to keep fighting,” said Vintimilla.

Her experience winning this scholarship went beyond the $3,500 she received. The organization also provided her with workshops, networking events, activities, and more.

As a future doctor, Vintimilla faces complex classes, work, and applying for these scholarships. She said it wasn’t easy to handle everything at the same time, but she organized herself by checking the due dates of each scholarship, having her transcripts ready, asking for letters of recommendation early, and writing her essay step by step.

Both Valencia College students encourage others to leave fear behind and try. “By applying, you are not losing anything,” said Luzardo.

Editors Note: Students are also encouraged to check out the Scholarship Universe portal on Atlas and reach out to Career Counselors on campuses for courses on scholarship and resume writing, application assistance, and more.