Knights win against Bobcats

With a shorthanded roster on hand, the UCF Knights defeated the St. Thomas Bobcats 74-61 Saturday night.

Keith Clanton led the team with 18 points and 6 blocks. Isaiah Sykes went 5 out of 6 from the field and had 15 points.
Point guard Jeffrey Remmington led St. Thomas going 7 for 11 from the field and had 15 points while forward David Nesbitt scored 12 points.

The Knights only had 8 available players on the roster for game time, missing four of their stars, including Marcus Jordan, due to suspension.The status of their return is unknown.
UCF started the game off fast, building up a 22-9 lead 14:18 into the first half. St. Thomas rallied behind Remmimgton’s 13 points to cut the lead to two.

Rod Days responded for the Knights as he scored 12 of his 14 points in the half to help UCF take a 37-28 lead going into halftime.

Clanton set the pace in the second half for the Knights as he scored 11 of his 18 points to help UCF take the victory.
The Knights disrupted St. Thomas’ offense, causing the Bobcats to shoot 42.6 percent from the field.

The Knights went 50 percent from the field and committed twenty turnovers. The defense allowed 42 points inside the paint and 17 fast break points.

“Having 5’7-5’9 guys like Marcus Jordan and A.J. Rompza who normally are our normal ball handlers out and asking 6’6 guys who never experienced pressure like that to carry the ball out is an adjustment,” said UCF coach Donnie Jones. “It gives these guys experience as we prepare for Florida State.”

“We have to be more disciplined with the ball,” Clanton added. “No one will give us mercy so we have to do better protecting the ball.”

The Knights also have to work on their free throw opportunities. While St. Thomas was perfect from the line, UCF struggled, going 26 for 47.

“Its still early. We have to make some minor adjustments and play our game,” said Jones. “We have to take better shots and make our free throws.”

The UCF Knights travel to Tallahassee to face the Florida State Seminoles Monday night. Game time is 7:00 p.m.