Vets honored at Winter Park

The SGA at the Winter Park Valencia College campus held a celebration for Veterans’ Day at the front of the building on Wednesday.
“We’re passing out pamphlets and information about hospitals and places that Vets can go for help and support,” said Scott Schaare, President of the SGA for Winter Park. “We’re really trying to support the cause.”
There was a Veterans’ Day version of Jeopardy set up in which students would answer questions about their war of choice for prizes such as candy, Gatorades and cupcakes.
“It’s always good to have support,” said Robert Neal, a student who won a few rounds of the trivia game. “I’ve visited the veteran hospitals and have seen firsthand some of the problems that they deal with. It’s good that the college is showing that people take notice of what veterans have done and do for us all.”
While students gathered to take part in the games and festivities, a slideshow was set up on which photos of Valencia College faculty and students who have served in the military or are currently active played beside a bowl of small American flags, which were also available to take.
Many of the people who were helping and participating in the event had the same idea in mind, and that was that the veterans need to know that they are supported by their fellow citizens. While events with games and entertainment are always fun to take part in, providing awareness and support was the ultimate goal for everyone who was gathered.
“My dad was a veteran,” said Gaby Rodriguez, a sophomore majoring in public relations. “He served in the army, and I know several other students who have served too. I know that they appreciate the support that the school is giving them through events like this.”