Last-Resort R20 Withdrawal Available For Struggling Students


Robert Maldonado Rodriguez

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Casey Godwin, Reporter

The R20 is a unique withdrawal option put in place for students who have been struggling after Hurricane Ian. The deadline for this option is before end of the day on Nov 18, 2022, according to Vice President of Student Affairs Lesley Frederick. Frederick says, “During the hurricane we set up a form where students could respond to it, if they needed help.” The special withdrawal option is for students who have been severely impacted by Hurricane Ian.


Students can withdraw from your class or classes, and it will not hurt any credits you have at Valencia College. However, you must take that course next semester. This is specifically for those who have lost their homes and for those who simply don’t have the resources to continue this semester.


“We are trying to find every other option applicable for students so that they don’t lose time on their academic plan,” continues Frederick. Students can only get information on this if they talk to an advisor. The goal is to keep students from using this option and keep students in their classes this semester. When asked what Valencia College is doing to promote this to students,  Frederick says, “We are not promoting it, it is a last resort. We want students to be able to use other resources and support.”


The deadline date is still being discussed, but remains Nov. 18, 2022, for now. 


Also, if you are a veteran and decide to do the withdrawal option, this will adversely affect your Chapter 33 GI Bill benefits, according to a Veterans Office email.

Be sure to discuss all of your options with the Financial Office.