Penn State victims remembered

Controversy has been spreading over the loss of legendary football coach, Joe Paterno- who coached Pennsylvania State University’s football team for forty six years.

Several allegations have been made over a molestation case between assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky, and several young boys. Sandusky had been inviting these children to the university to watch team practices, then sexually abusing them in the locker rooms. He had also invited several young boys on team trips, and allowed them to stay in his hotel room.

The controversy lies between whether or not Paterno took the right action. Several reports were filed, and higher authorities were told; yet no one called 911. Paterno was the only faculty member fired from the program as of press time.

“I understand why, but since they didn’t fire the other people who were involved, it’s not fair,” said Penn State student, Emily Steffenino. “They should’ve either fired all of them or none of them.”
Thousands of students have been showing their anger by causing riots within the university- flipping over news vans, lighting flares in crowds, and protesting. Some students visited Paterno at his home to show their support.
“Seeing the riots made us realize that our famous coach, a prideful leader, is gone,” Kristin Schneider, Penn State student, said. “His legacy will never be forgotten.”
Paterno received the phone call on Nov. 9 that he would no longer be coaching the Lions after announcing his intentions to retire at the end of the season. “I have decided to announce my retirement effective at the end of this season,” Paterno said in a released statement.  “I want to make this as easy as I possibly can.”

Many students have said that they will miss him as a coach; however, he did not take the right action, morally. “He should have been forced to retire, not fired,” said Benjamin Drewry.

A candlelight vigil was held at the university on Nov. 11 in honor of the children who suffered from the abuse. Tens of thousands of students and alumni lit candles in support at this remembrance event.
“The sea of students was breathtaking,” said Schneider. “The vigil emotionally made all of us become a whole.” Photos from the event can be found on Penn State’s Daily Collegian online paper. (
Though there was talk of the remainder of the season being cancelled, Penn State has decided to try to carry on regularly. Tom Bradley was hired after the loss of Paterno, coaching the loss to Nebraska on Nov. 12.
Students cheered and chanted as the players unloaded from the Blue Bird bus. Members from both teams gathered on the field pre-game to pray for the victims, while a sign saying ‘We (heart) Joe Paterno’ hung from the stands fluttered in the background.

“I was surprised about the sportsmanship at the game, despite everything that’s going on, and how emotional everyone has been over this matter,” said Steffenino.