Opinion: Movie Remakes Hit And Miss, Give Fresh Perspective on Old Stories


Andrei Zmievski

Movies displayed on a shelf.

Reginald Demps , Reporter

You probably have asked yourself why does Hollywood keep making remakes of original movies we have loved forever. A real answer would be that the original movie has a built-in audience so the production companies do not have to spend as much time on marketing a fresh movie idea.

Movies get remade to bring in a modern take on the original and give the previous plot an update to the current times. In 2022, we have at least ten with dates to be released in coming months. To name a few of the movies being released are; Death On The Nile ( Feb. 11) , Texas Chainsaw Massacre ( Feb. 18) , The Batman (March 4). We also have no dates yet set for Cheaper By The Dozen, Father of The Bride, and Firestarter. Critics are saying that these movies are the most anticipated of this year.

Remakes get a bad name from fans that have an expectation on how the movie should go. Remakes are an installment into the franchise that stays with the roots of the first movie and doesn’t stray too far from it. It isn’t entirely about bad directors when it comes to remaking movies. It is the toxic fan culture of the franchise that doesn’t like change. For example, take the Ghostbusters’ franchise. A 2016 reboot of the first Ghostbuster was made with an all-female cast. Movie critic website Rotten Tomatoes scored the movie at 74% but the audience scored 49%. In 2021, Ghostbusters:Afterlife received a 63% but audience reviews put it at 94%.

The fans spoke and said 2016’s Ghostbusters wasn’t original and was a bad reboot. Remakes just aren’t the ones that get the most attention and biggest budgets. The money goes into installments in existing franchises. Time and time again, it’s shown that having a recognizable brand name increases a movie’s chances to succeed at the box office.

Movie remakes aren’t a good and bad thing, but there will always be something that a fan does or doesn’t like. We have to keep open minds and just realize that movie remakes are here to stay and give the new generations a fresh view on a nostalgic movie.