Spiritual Resilience Study Group Offers Valencia’s Christians Fellowship


Dwight Stone via Flickr

Valencia College’s InterVarsity Christian Fellowship host Wednesday bible study at East Campus’ Building 6 in Room 204.

Denise Diaz, Copy Editor

Valencia College students are invited to join the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship for HOPE Studies in Spiritual Resilience, a 4-week fellowship and bible study group. The first gathering was launched Sept. 15 and will be meeting each Wednesday. The purpose of the fellowship is to provide students a comfort space to read the Bible together and share stories in an open discussion. It’s a support group to help students grow in their spirituality and during their educational journey.

Mathematics Professor and advisor Angela Michelle Karkkanien leads the group with scripture and offers a theme of hope throughout the study. She says she is excited to give her time to the students and “all students are welcomed to join.”

Campus Staff Minister Kara Berces has led the Christian faith group for three years at Valencia’s West Campus. “A big focus that we have is empowering students to reach their campuses”, Berces states about the group’s purpose. The fellowship group offers mentorship and assists in coaching leaders to strengthen students’ relationship with Jesus Christ.

“It gives them a place to belong, to find family and a community of friends who will support them and want them to succeed in their education as well as their spiritual growth”, says Berces.

Everyone wore masks and seats were spaced six feet apart in accordance with Valencia’s COVID-19 safety policies. The fellowship group also offers online support including virtual worship and bible study.

The meeting closed in prayer led by Professor Karkkanien. The support group focused on the concept of keeping hope alive during the struggles every student may face while pursuing their education. All students are welcome to receive the help to stay persistent in their studies and their faith.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s next HOPE Studies in Spiritual Resilience will be Sept 22 from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. at East Campus’ Building 6 in Room 204. Interested students are encouraged to follow Intervarsity Christan Fellowship on Valencia’s Engage website or Instagram usernames @intervarsity.valenciawest and @intervarsity.valenciaeast for the latest updates.