VISA Club Promotes Cultural Week


Gaeun Lee

Origami bird made by international student Gaeun Lee

Gabriela Pasqualin, Editor-in-chief

From March 29-April 2, Valencia Intercultural Student Association (VISA) interacted with students in a virtual event called “Spring Festival Week”, promoting different cultures from around the world.

An international student from South Korea, Gaeun Lee, was one of the participants in the event. “Frankly, I prefer in-person activities rather than online activities since I tend to be shy and find it awkward in online meetings. However, I am still glad clubs are conducting online activities now during this pandemic. It’s better than nothing,” says Lee.

Gaeun Lee participated in the Origami Livestream presented by Alvaro Bravo, a volunteer officer of VISA Club, and Maria Mosquera, the secretary of VISA Club. “It was our very first time hosting an event like this, but I think people were very interactive and interested in it. I had to learn how to make origami in order to teach others how to do it, but I enjoyed it a lot,” says Mosquera, who is from Ecuador.

For Lee, it was an experience that recalled her childhood in South Korea. “I’ve done a lot of origami when I was young, but when I learned how to make the bird at the end of the livestream, it was my favorite time because I forgot how to do it. I’m happy that I got to remember it again from this opportunity, “says Lee.

Uyen Le, who is from Vietnam and is the Vice President of the VISA Club, presented a virtual tour on a Vietnamese street. Le went through some local restaurants and showed students some of her country specialties. Have you ever heard about ” Bún Bò Huế “? This is one of the most popular dishes in Vietnam and is a bowl of rice vermicelli and beef. This dish was one of the curiosities that Le presented during the tour.

To close the week’s activities, VISA Club presented a movie on Discord. The students watched a Japanese animation movie titled Your Name on Friday night, April 2.