Scream and Stream: A Safe Alternative to Halloween


Denise Diaz

Night at the Die-in: Drive and stay alive

Denise Diaz, Reporter

Halloween is next week and Scream and Stream has a new way of scaring the community while abiding by the social distancing rules.

Scream and Stream is a drive-thru Halloween event with dates available throughout October. With new regulations in place, students may be concerned about how they will enjoy Halloween. Scream and Stream has thought of a way to enjoy this year’s Halloween safely.

The drive-thru has four different attractions — all varying prices. There are family-friendly options and an airboat attraction for those seeking thrill. The Black Light Nights is a walk-through attraction, with limited capacity. Regardless of the event, tickets are selling out quickly.

Scream and Stream requires the entire staff to wear face coverings for everyone’s safety. Guests are not required to wear a face covering if they are in their vehicle with the windows up. If guests decide to drive through attractions with windows down, a face covering is required. Face masks are also necessary when leaving the vehicle and entering the onsite cabin-store to enjoy souvenirs or meet the Fog Queen. Two of the attractions require a face covering, the Black Light Nights and the Airboat attraction.

Cones are aligned along the path to keep from guests getting lost or going off road. Traffic lights are used to direct during shows and props. Cars are required to drive 3 mph. Driver licenses are checked, and a photo is taken of the license and plate. A waiver is emailed after ticket purchases and is to be completed prior to attending the event, seatbelts are also required.  If a drink is purchased, there will be two x’s placed on hands with a black permanent marker. Drinking and driving through is not allowed.

The attractions are located at 2001 E. Southport Rd. in Kissimmee. There is an almost six-mile drive to the park that gives a dynamic scare factor at night. Animals have been seen crossing the roads. Once guests arrive, there will be signs to follow to the attraction ordered. Guests will drive right to the queue. Staff will approach the vehicle for tickets and license verification.

Wait times can be minimal or excessive, depending on the selected showtimes. Scream and Stream recommends an arrival time of 6:30 p.m. or 10:30 p.m. to avoid extremely long wait times.

Guests will drive through experiencing scares along the way. Props and setups are designed for all passengers to enjoy the show. Actors are always in full costume and full character. Multicolored lights and fog enhance the scare effect. A radio station is provided for the musical effect throughout the drive. Considering tickets are selling fast, it appears people are appreciating this Halloween alternative.