Modern Mythology is the Theme of Spirit Week 2020


Shirley Gonzalez

Art made by student Shirley Gonzalez during the Live Paint Party

Gabriela Pasqualin, Editor-in-chief

Between Oct. 12 and Oct. 16, Student Development offered a variety of virtual events for students, professors, and staff to connect with the college community.

The theme of Spirit Week chosen for this year was Modern Mythology. The idea was to imitate the heroism found in ancient mythology and in their popular culture. The celebrations began with a video about myths recorded by Jessica Hoeschen, a Humanities professor at Valencia College. “A significant aspect of mythology is how culturally foundational the stories are for their community. To me, this speaks to Spirit Week as students are coming together to celebrate this formative chapter in their lives,” Hoeschen said. “Also, like heroes in mythology who often battle monsters or supernatural forces to establish their place, students are battling their own issues related to the collegiate environment, including issues related to the current pandemic.”

One of the highlights was the Live Paint Party. Under the sound of songs from the 80s, students learned painting techniques on Tuesday, Oct. 13. Everyone who participated received a painting kit to carry out the activity. Shirley Gonzalez, majoring in hospitality and tourism at Valencia College, attended the online activity. “It was my first time doing something like that. I always wanted to go painting with a twist and I was able to have the experience in the comfort of my own home,” Gonzalez said. This was the first time that Gonzalez painted. “I decided to attend this event because of the opportunity to try something new as well as step into different events offered even if it is online, which is beneficial since I live 3 hours away. It is something that I would love to do again.”

Another activity that interacted with students was the two rounds of Trivia Match on Wednesday, Oct. 14. The questions were about modern mythology, pop culture, and Valencia facts. Savanna Aleksic, majoring in general studies, participated in the game for the Wolf Pack team. “I answered questions about Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Percy Jackson in the Pop Culture Books Section. I didn’t win any prizes, but I still had a lot of fun,” Aleksic said.

On Friday, Oct. 16, Student Development hosted a virtual Student Art Exhibit, and a virtual Movie Night, the chosen movie was Disney’s, “Hercules”. “The Student Development’s main goal during Spirit Day (Week) is to ensure that we are providing opportunities for our college community, students, faculty, and staff alike, to engage with each other and show their pride in our great institution,” Joshua Austin, Director of Student Development said.

This was the first time that the events were 100% virtual. The Student Development department liked the engagement it got. ” It has been great! We have been blown away by the level of participation that we have seen so far in our online events and programs. I think students are grateful to still have the opportunity to engage with their peers, as well as faculty and staff, even in a virtual setting,” Austin added.