Florida Mutineers lose to the Minnesota RØKKR and New York Subliners at their own home series


The Florida Mutineers went 0-2 in their own home series. Photo from the Florida Mutineers.

André González Rodríguez, Contributor

The Florida Mutineers underperformed at their home series, failing to win a single map and losing their rematch to the Minnesota RØKKR after defeating them last weekend in the finals. After losing to the RØKKR, Florida failed to move past the knockout stage with a loss to the New York Subliners.

This was the first event the Mutineers hosted, even though it was in an online setting due to COVID-19. The team seemed to have moved on from their team leader, Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson, and they were content to keep moving forward with his replacement of Maurice “Fero” Henriquez – who has been one of the better performers since joining the squad.

Day 1:

First series vs. Minnesota RØKKR

This was the event’s marquee matchup, as it was a rematch of last event’s finals match. The Mutineers were looking to show that their win wasn’t a fluke, and that they deserve to be the fourth-best team in the league behind the likes of the Atlanta FaZe, Chicago Huntsmen, and Dallas Empire. 

Continuing the trend of losing their first match of the weekend, Florida lost their first match of the weekend and failed to win a single map versus the RØKKR. 

In game one of Rammaza Hardpoint, the RØKKR got off to a quick start due to Florida player Chance “Maux” Moncivaez starting off the game 0-for-5. The Mutineers were down for most of the game until they had a good push that allowed them to catch up after being down by as many as 40 points at one point in the match. Seemingly poised to take the map, Minnesota’s Justin “Silly” Fargo-Palmer stopped Florida’s push with a three-piece, allowing the RØKKR to pull ahead and win game one 250-210.

The Mutineers were quickly down 4-0 in rounds of St. Petrograd Search and Destroy – failing to close out their clutch situations as well as not being able to convert on their key plays to start each round. After getting first blood in round five and a big play by Bradley “Frosty” Bergstrom with dead silence, Florida finally answered back by winning a round of their own. It wouldn’t be enough to rally more rounds on the board though, as Minnesota won game two 6-2.

In the third and final map of Hackney Yard Domination, the Mutineers started the first half by quickly taking control of B and C flags, leading to a closely contested game with the RØKKR being up 78-77 going into the second half.

In the second half, Florida got off to another quick start, but a crucial triple cap by Minnesota put a stop to it, allowing the RØKKR to build a lead. The Mutineers would catch up, but the RØKKR would steal the map from right under their feet with a 163-156 victory. 

Day 2: 

Second series vs. New York Subliners 

The second opponent for the Mutineers this weekend was the New York Subliners. The Subliners didn’t start the Call of Duty League (CDL) off on the right foot, but they changed that with this series with Florida once again failing to win a single map. 

In game one of Rammaza Hardpoint, the Mutineers seemingly shook off their first match jitters starting off the map with an early lead led by Fero. Florida was then slowed down by a key set of plays by the Subliners combined with Fero slowing down as the match went on. Construction site hill – a hill in which the Mutineers already struggled on versus the RØKKR – would be the final death knell, as the Subliners would finish out the map and win 250-194.

As opposed to the previous series, Florida began to show signs of life in Search and Destroy on Rammaza – winning four rounds in a row. New York would answer back by winning two rounds of their own. Round seven went to Florida with key plays from Cesar “Skyz” Bueno and Colt “Havok” McLendon. The Mutineers failed to close out the map though, allowing the Subliners to win four straight rounds and win the second map.

In the final map of the series, Hackney Yard Domination, Florida was looking to gain some momentum, as New York was 1-7 all-time on this map. In the first half, New York took a quick lead. The Mutineers closed out the half being up 84-77 after making sure they kept at least two flags throughout most of it. 

To begin the second half, the Mutineers got three-capped – losing every single flag and being trapped by the A flag spawn. Florida managed to weather the storm, but New York obtained two flags throughout the remainder of the round. Any attempt at stopping New York failed, as Florida ultimately lost the game and the series. 

This was the end of their own weekend for the Mutineers, as they failed to win a single map in both of their matches. They underperformed and didn’t live up to the expectations of being the fourth-best team in the league. Florida looks to rectify this at the next home series which is hosted by the Minnesota RØKKR in almost a month from now. Florida will face off against the Chicago Huntsmen on June 5.