By Adam Fishman
Valencia Voice

The date January 20th, 2009  will remain embedded in the minds of millions of Americans for years to come. The 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, was sworn into the presidential office.  Hundreds of thousands of Americans gathered in our nations capital, as millions huddled around televisions to catch a glimpse of this historic event.

President Obama was sworn in at approximately 12:07 P.M. using the same bible that Abraham Lincoln used for his first inauguration on March 4, 1861.  President Obama’s nerves, if he’s ever showed any, were slightly present when he took his oath.  Obama forgot the first few words he was supposed to repeat, a minor mistake considering the magnitude of the event.  No worries, right after being sworn in, President Obama delivered a speech where the message was clearly reflected upon the faces of all who watched.  That message was unity, hope, and determination.  CBS analyst Jeff Greenfield described President Obama’s speech as “very credible.”

The audience present at the inauguration chanted “Obama, Obama, Obama!”  Our 44th President opened his speech saying, “I stand here today, humbled at the tasks before us.”  He also thanked former President George W. Bush for his service.  Obama sent a message that distances himself from the former president, stating boldly, “we must unify our politics and we are ready to lead once more.”  His statement suggests the idea that not only will he lead our country, but all Americans have the right and the ability to catapult our country forward and become leaders themselves.

President Obama is one of the most articulate and motivational speakers our nation has ever witnessed.  He carries a certain charisma, confidence, and “swag.”  He has the power to rally, and spread hope to those who a few months or years ago, may have not had any hope.  Obama asked Americans to “embody the same spirit our men and women of service carry.”  He stated, the “midst of our crisis is well understood,” and that “America’s challenges will be met.”

President Obama’s ambitions may not come to realization within the first six months, first year, or even first term.  It’s easy to be skeptical of his chosen words.  “The state of the economy calls for swift and bold action, all this we can do and all this we will do,” Obama stated.  Will he truly accomplish all of what he plans?  Perhaps not, but no matter what America must stand together, be patient and push for common goals that will ultimately better ourselves.

January 20th, 2009 proved to America that anything is possible, and America proved to the rest of the world that our nation is the catalyst for change, freedom, and opportunity.  President Obama made one of the most profound statements that defined his speech and our country as a whole, stating, “why a man no less than 60 years ago would not have been served in a restaurant, can now stand before you and take the most sacred oath.”  In the United States of America, anything is possible.