Spirit Day: Games, Fun and Free Food


Valeria Narvaez Villegas

Valencia students play twister on an East Campus lawn.

Valeria Narvaez Villegas, Contributor

A welcome break from classes and exams, Valencia College’s spirit day allowed students to blow off some steam with a day full of games, food, and entertainment.

Valencia College has held the event for over 40 years across all of its campuses.

Marcus Goss is the president of the Student Government Association (SGA) at East Campus, and he helps oversee the festivities.

“Because we at Valencia don’t have a homecoming, we have Spirit Day for the students to enjoy Valencia as a college [and for students] to come together as one and just bond together and have fun,” Goss said.

Spirit Day began this year on Oct. 15 with a talent show, where Valencia students had the opportunity to sing, act and show off their abilities. The next day, students had the opportunity to hang out outside and play board games; pizza and chicken wings served. On Oct. 16, the last day of Spirit Day, students enjoyed basketball, football, inflatable games, a photo booth, live DJ, food, and prizes.

Clubs also took advantage of this day to promote themselves and help run activities. Nathaniel Stiger, Vice President of the Art and Motion Club – one East Campuses’ dance clubs – hosted one of the activities of Spirit Day while promoting their next dance concert.

“As every year in Spirit Day [we are expecting] lots of people coming out, playing games and having a good time,” Stiger said.

Press Play Entertainment, a DJ, photography and videography company owned by Rey Garcia and DJ Orlando, has been a presence at Valencia’s Spirit Day for 7 years at each campus.

“It is awesome that Valencia gets to do this, and kind of give back to the students. It is a way to keep them entertained throughout [their classes].” Garcia said. “I know some of the schoolwork might get students a little stressed out, so just to forget about that. Come out here and enjoy yourself a little bit and then go back to reality”.

Mery Zambrano is a freshman majoring in biomedical sciences, and this was her first Spirit Day experience.

“I didn’t really know about it. I saw a few flyers and my friends told me about it, so I figured ‘why not,” Zambrano said.  “We did hula hoop contest, we [played] on inflatables, we ate free food – I would definitely go to the next Spirit Day”.