Artist Trent Tomengo is the newest gallery showcase at Valencia


Brandon Mikel

Tomengo’s art is being showcased in Building 3 on Valencia College’s East Campus

Brandon Mikel, Contributor

Orlando-based artist Trent Tomengo’s collection Portraits of Life, Living, and Love, is being shown at Valencia College’s Anita S. Wooten Gallery as it’s most recent featured gallery.

“The thing that is different about this show is that it is run by people that I am close with. This was much more personal than any other show I’ve ever done, “ explained Tomengo.

He says that his work can the bridge that connects people together no matter what their differences are.

“Connecting people with each other is only one of many things that I love about art but it’s key,” Tomengo said at a reception introducing his gallery on Sept 12. “Art is a reflection of the person, so I move around different circles of people.”

Tomengo said he doesn’t get nervous whenever it comes to presenting his art. A big factor of that is his experience but also his point of view of the showcase. 

“It’s not what I have to prove, It’s about what I have to share,” said Tomengo.

Trent Tomengo’s Portraits of Life, Living and Love will be open to the public and is available on weekdays in Building 3 at Valencia College’s East Campus. Tomengo says hopes to reach out to more college students so he can share his work with the people he loves the most.