The Foxtail’s Farmhouse Pop-Up Market

Jessica Silva

Every first Sunday of the month, Foxtail’s Farmhouse, a mixed-use artisan venue in Winter Park, is holding Pop-Up Market for local vendors to their homemade art.

Those who attended gathered together to sell paintings, clothes, jewelry, and more.  Musical artist “Levie” was also there to provide live music outside of the venue.

Pop-up markets are opportunities for local and traveling artists to showcase and sell their work. They’ve become more popular as the market for unique and individualistic art has increased. At Foxtail’s, vendors such as Caroline Gregory, Lemesto, Karma Kulture, and Dahlia’s Flower Truck were there selling individual crafts. Also on site was The Van Cam, a traveling photo booth in a van that offers their photo strips for low prices.

Caroline Gregory was of the traveling artist vendors. She sells jewelry collected from around the world, such as rings from Peru, as well as paintings she created herself.

“I’ve been painting for 3 and a half years, but I travel too,” Gregory said. “So, I paint as I travel and I do these pop-up things when they come.”

Parth Shulkla of Karma Kulture and Ethnic Threads was there to sell his self-designed crafts including jewelry and clothes.

“I like events like these because they’re more open, and you don’t have to rent out the space like you would in a shop,” Shulkla said.

Nick Georgoudiou hosts the weekly podcast “To a Certain Degree,” and was there to showcase the art of typewriters.

“There’s no way to backspace or erase, you have to keep going,” Georgoudiou said. “The idea is to keep writing and that there is the creativity.”

Foxtail’s serves a variety of drinks from coffee to wine and small bites that include vegan options, Foxtail’s is also a space created for a growing craft-focused community.

You can find more information on Foxtail’s Farmhouse and their pop-up markets on Instagram @foxtailsfarmhouse.