The Only Total Lunar Eclipse of 2019 Will Happen Today

Jessica Silva

On January 20th, the only total lunar eclipse of 2019 will be taking place. In North America, this will be the only chance to see much of an eclipse for 2019 (and part of 2020).

During the eclipse, the moon will turn a crimson red, which is why lunar eclipses are often referred to as Blood Moons. This eclipse night will be especially outstanding as the moon will be a bit closer to us than it usually is, making it a “Super Blood Moon”.

The eclipse will be visible from North America, South America, Western Europe and Northwestern Africa. Parts of Africa and Europe will get a partial view of the event.

Here are the highlights to look out for, according to NASA and Loren Grush at The Verge:

9:36PM ET: Moon enters Earth’s penumbra.
10:33PM ET: Moon enters umbra.
11:41PM ET: Moon is fully inside umbra. (Full Blood Moon)
12:43AM ET: Moon leaves umbra.
1:50AM ET: Moon completely out of the umbra.
2:48AM ET: Moon completely out of the penumbra.

There will be a partial lunar eclipse this year in July, which means the moon won’t totally be in Earth’s shadow. There is also a total solar eclipse in July that will be most visible from Chile and Argentina. So, for astrology fans located in North America, this “Super Blood Moon” just may be your best bet.