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Chris Evans Says Goodbye to Captain America


Actor Chris Evans took to Twitter early October 4, to announce that he’s wrapped up filming for Avengers 4. The tweet was more of a farewell to his character and his time with Marvel. Overall, it sounds like Evans is preparing fans for the unshakable future of Steve Rogers.

Some Valencia students were disconcerted about the news:

“It’s sad, I feel like he was the best person to fit that character. It’s been a long time now, but it’s still sad,” says Diego Rivera, 19-year-old biomedical sciences major.

“I think they started Captain America in a really good place,” says John Rawls, 22-year-old health science major. “I really like Chris Evans as that character but I’m just curious about how he’ll pass on the shield, in the comics someone else takes it up. It’s bittersweet, I understand all good things must come to an end. Wherever they go next, I just hope they don’t ruin it.”

Other students, however, were happy to hear about a possible end to Captain America:

“After Hurricane Maria, I didn’t think another Avengers would be possible,” says Carlos Colberg, 20-year-old biomedical sciences major. “In all seriousness though, I think the third movie wrapped it up pretty well. Actually, I would like for the producers to move on already.”

Minerva Melendez, Financial Aid Specialist says, “Just because Chris Evans says goodbye to the character doesn’t mean the character dies, I mean maybe the character did die but I think it’s more so kind of like Hugh Jackman. After 10 years of playing Wolverine you kind of want to finish with the character.”

Film students Joshua Chinlund and Sultan Khan had a slightly different view on the matter:

“I admire [the tweet],” says Chinlund, 19. “I’m happy he did it because at the very least that means maybe there will be more fresh stuff coming out, I like the direction that Marvel is going in now, like weirder and more fun.” Khan, 25, agrees saying “I’m ready, I think it’s time.”


Photo by Elen Nivrae via flickr, Captain America 2 Press Conference (cropped).

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