Students Learn About Expanding Career Opportunities


Kimberly Dang, Contributing Writer

Twenty students attended the workshop “Bring on the Disruption, Let’s Talk About Tomorrow” at Valencia East Campus on Thursday. Hosted by Valencia’s Collaborative Design Center, attendees learned how to expand their future career goals.

The workshop began by asking students to change their mindsets. Instead of choosing a college course and thinking about the challenges they may face, students were encouraged to choose a challenge and then think about the college course they will need to take.

“[Students need to] think about the different possibilities in their careers and not get so stuck in one area. But to think about all the areas that are within their reach,” explained tutor support specialist Amanda Forth.

Students watched videos like “Mermaids Hate Plastic”, where an artist used his career to bring awareness to plastic pollution, and “VeinViewer”, where technology was used to help advance the medical field, to show how combining skill sets with passion can compliment one another.

Students also analyzed a PowerPoint that had examples of careers that can be chosen with an art double major/minor. Someone with an art and English degree can become a media publisher. Likewise, someone with an art and museum studies degree can become a museum preparator.

What stood out to 19 year old veterinary technician, Meagan Ghent, was “how many different job titles there are in the world”. According to the workshop, there are over 20,000 different job titles.

Students who attend workshops and complete the Skillshop Evaluation can enter a raffle to win a tablet.

“If you don’t choose the challenges you want to work on, someone else will choose for you,” concluded a representative with SparkPath, a company that helps students discover extraordinary careers.