Local Pop-Punk Band ‘Hungover’ Performs in Downtown Orlando


Samuel Schaffer, Editor-in-Chief

Orlando pop-punk band Hungover played an album re-release show Saturday at Soundbar in Downtown Orlando.

The band walked out to the song Space Jam, joking with each other as they got into position. From that moment on, the crowd was theirs.

The pot-fueled vocals of Marc Cortes had the audience in a chokehold, moving them left and right, inspiring stage dives and inciting violence in the moshpit. The most obvious instances of fandom occurred when Cortes would get low near the edge of the stage, and people would stand up and scream the lyrics in his face.

Hungover, which comprises Central Florida locals, recently signed with the record label Smartpunk. They had already released the five-song extended play record (EP) Wilt when they signed with the label.

“Those songs didn’t reach a big enough audience because we didn’t have proper representation, proper distribution,” explained lead singer Cortes. “So, the idea was to sort of repackage it, remaster it, add some art, and add an additional three songs so that listeners that had stuck with us from the beginning got new material and we could introduce ourselves to new listeners in a more expansive way.”

Wilt dropped on March 30, and is available on Spotify and iTunes. The album has the five songs from the original album, as well as three new songs.

One of the songs – Irish Goodbye, which means to leave without saying goodbye – has deep roots with Cortes.

“My dad left my family when I was six, and then I had a step dad that I considered my dad that left when I was turning 21, so it’s about both of those situations,” said Cortes.

The song, which mentions being lucky to still have a brother and mother, has recently taken on a new meaning for Cortes.

“Brothers and sisters from my biological family in the last month have all contacted me, and like I’m continuing that relationship now so the song almost has a different meaning to me now,” said Cortes.

Cortes says he is happy with his life right now and hopes his newly discovered family will fit in a way that promotes his happiness.

Local bands, Felicity, Capstan, Bad Year and Father Mountain played as well. They all seemed supportive of Hungover and their new release.

Hungover recently partnered with Artery Global which will be booking all their tour dates for their upcoming tour. They are planning a tour this summer with The Weekend Classic from May 28-June 17.