Valencia Poll: What is Your Worst Spring Break Experience?

Grayson Beach State Park, located between Panama City, FL and Destin, FL.

Grayson Beach State Park, located between Panama City, FL and Destin, FL.

Kimberly Dang, Contributing Writer

Students are beginning to come back to school after a week-long Spring Break-carrying with them pencils, backpacks, and new stories to tell.

In order to dig up these stories, the Valencia Voice asked 10 students about their worst spring break experiences. Here are a few of the responses:

“I went on vacation with my family and got stranded. We got a flat tire and got to the hotel really late,” said Kenneth D’avila, 20 year old Sign Language interpreting major.

“I was grounded off my phone, so I didn’t have any social media. I also just stayed at home all Spring Break,” said Reem Sahraoui, 16 year old biomedical science major.

“I wrecked my motorcycle,” said 26 year old law major, Trevor Stevens.

“I went to the beach with my friends, and it was really cold. It was a waste of money to go, and we couldn’t do anything. I also froze in my bathing suit,” recalled 18 year old English major Mia Ulbricbht.

“My college that I just transferred from released our Spring Break with High Schoolers. When we went to the beach, it was just us college students with a bunch of high schoolers. That was just a bad mix,” explained Berry Bornelus, 21 year old health science major.

“My friends were able to go and do a bunch of different stuff. Meanwhile, I was working full time. But it’s part of being a working adult,” said 28 year old English major, David Ives.

“My friends and I went to the beach. There was maybe 10 of us, and I was the only one who doesn’t drink. They ended up drinking, so I wasn’t having any fun at all,” said Jorge Paredes, 20 year old business management and information technology major.

Valencia College let out its classes March 12 to 18 for Spring Break 2018.