Concert Review: Chicago Rapper CupcakKe


Darius H. Cornejo, Contributing Writer

Critically-acclaimed Chicago rapper Elizabeth Harris, better known as CupcakKe performed her only Florida show on Thursday Soundbar Orlando. After arriving over more than an hour late, she delivered her signature hypersexual bars over an ecstatic and engaging audience.

CupcakKe is known for her blunt and vulgar content. She raps about rough oral sex in her latest hit single, “Duck Duck Goose.” Although she’s mostly known for her sexually energetic, sometimes humorous lyrics, she also raps about serious topics such as pedophilia, sexual assault, racism, and body image. She is also a strong advocate of the LGBTQ+ community.

Ash Renee, 18, agrees CupcakKe has given a platform for the people of the LGBTQ+ to not only feel safe, but also to embrace our sexuality.” She definitely would be a good recommendation to anyone who’s open with their sexuality.”

Although doors opened at 7 pm, at 7:48 pm, CupcakKe tweeted her fans as she got off her plane, moving the start time to 9 pm. Opening acts included a live DJ and two rapping groups.

“The openers were pretty lame. They were very full of energy, but it was completely substance-less. A bunch of macho posturing; didn’t resonate with the audience one bit. Very generic trap,” said Valencia College student Johann Arroyo“The second openers were especially terrible. On top of the fact that the songs had no hooks, whatsoever, you could barely make out what they were saying. And when you could, it was really generic lyrics about partying and having sex,” added Arroyo.

CupcakKe jumped onto stage at around 9:20 pm, with a screaming welcome from her fans. The show was relatively short, with nine songs being performed, including the popular and heavily requested “Deepthroat” and “Spiderman Dick.”


Despite her explicit lyrical content, many fans would agree CupcakKe is influential to young adults. Former college student Tati Arbelaez, 20, said, “I think CupcakKe’s general presence is empowering for young women. Seeing her live, as a young woman myself, was a great experience.”

When asked how her music can help college students, CupcakKe said, “It inspires the world by making them be true to themselves, like Biggie Smalls with weight issues. If you have weight problems or feel insecure, it makes you be yourself and enjoy you, basically. It makes you want to come out and be brave and speak about things deep inside you never want to talk about.”